Welcome to Machida Dental Clinic

Welcome to the Machida Dental Clinic page!
Many people in Japan may not know where to go to see a dentist.
Dental problems can be prevented with regular checkups.

I, Dr Narita, studied abroad in England when I was in high school and also briefly at the University of Hong Kong as an undergraduate.
Although I am not as fluent as a native speaker, I am capable of daily conversation.
If you have any problems with your teeth, please come to the clinic and ask me for help.

Machida Dental Clinic

As long as you have your insurance card, we can treat you with your insurance, or we can consult with you about self-financed treatments such as ceramics. Since we have several of the best dental hygienists in Machida, we can also provide cleaning and tartar removal within your insurance.
(Generally, teeth cleaning and other services can be done for 2,000-3,000 yen with insurance coverage).

We also specialize in treatments for pain and aesthetics. At university, I majored in root canal therapy and periodontal disease, and I also do implants and mouthpiece orthodontics. We also have an orthodontist on staff, so you can consult with us about orthodontic treatment as well.

If you have any concerns about your teeth, please come to the Machida Dental Clinic anytime.
Web-based reservations are available in Japanese only.

If you need help, you can also call us at
email us at machidashika.ortho@gmail.com